Tuesday, February 2, 2010

San Francisco California Wedding Photography

Wedding photos provide lasting legacy

Posed, candid, natural, relaxed. A great wedding photographer should be able to capture any or all of these styles in their quest toward making the bride and groom's day uniquely special.

The San Francisco wedding photography market has a lot of extremely talented digital wedding photographers.  Cory Trese is a California Wedding Photographer who strives, every day, to be a great photographer. 

No matter what the package price of your wedding photographs, as a wedding photographer you are responsible for protecting the memories -- cherished, funny, sweet and sad -- for future generations.  

The legacy of one couple's day is in the hands of the photographer and videographer.

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Unknown said...

Wedding photography has come a long way from it’s early roots. If you’re dreading the time and trouble that those obligatory portraits take to set up and shoot, it might help to know that you’ve got it pretty easy compared to couples in the early days of wedding photography. So, humor the parents and grandparents who want a traditional portrait or two. These days it only takes a few minutes to give them that cherished memory.
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