Friday, January 29, 2010

Love IT!

Photo from Northern California Photography Group (NCPG) on Meetup

Great Wedding Photographers!

California Wedding Photography!

As a San Francisco Wedding Photographer, I am very interested in reading about other wedding photographers who have created a lasting legacy in there communities through quality photographic services.

Wedding photos provide lasting legacy
West Fargo Pioneer
A great wedding photographer should be able to capture any or all of these styles in their quest toward making the bride and groom's day uniquely special. ...
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Posed, candid, natural, relaxed.
A great wedding photographer should be able to capture any or all of these styles in their quest toward making the bride and groom's day uniquely special.

California Photography -- Moon Shot!

Hello Readers,

As a Sacramento Wedding Photographer I am always looking for things to take photographs of (as practice, ya know!)

Tonight the Moon will be a wonderful subject for photographic study.  Why, you ask?

The moon has an orbit around earth that is elliptical.  There are times when the moon is closer to earth during this orbit. 

Ever so often, the moon being at its closest point to earth coincides with it being a Full Moon. 

Tonight, my friends, is just such a night.

What this means is - the moon will be at its brightest and largest you will see for a long time, so a great opportunity to go out and take some shots (hoping it will be a clear night).

Big and bright

How to shoot the moon

Cory Trese
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California Wedding Photography

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

San Fransisco Wedding Photography

Cory Trese Photography announces that travel to weddings and events in San Fransisco is now free.

All Wedding Photography Packages and Prices on our San Fransisco Wedding Photography site include all travel for any event!

Cory Trese

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California Wedding Photography

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sacramento -- Photography & Things To Do

I started following a new feed on Twitter called "The Sacramento Blog" which seems to be a pretty strong feed.

As a Sacramento California Photographer, I am always looking for good reasons to get out, fire the flash at a good time. I have been impressed with the links from SacBlog so far, and I hope you get something out of them if you take a look.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When all else fades away, the photographs remain.

Incredible, professional digital wedding photography by Cory Trese.

To ensure your precious wedding moments are yours forever, all of my wedding packages include all of the negatives, originals and high-resolution NOT water-marked digital files at no extra charge. In most cases I have the DVD of originals shipped to you within a few days of the event.

You receive copyright so that you can order prints from your vendor of choice (anywhere, anytime)

Want a la carte professional prints? I will make my preferred pricing at a professional printing lab available for every customer I serve.

You will pay only $8 for an 8"x10" from one of the premier printers in the United States, shipped directly from the printer to your door.

Looking for premium quality wedding photography at affordable prices? E-mail '' or call (916) 359-9644.

  • Short: 2 hours, Digital Negatives on DVD = $350

  • Basic: 4 hours, Digital Negatives on DVD = $650

  • Bronze: 5 hours, 75 Prints, Digital Negatives on DVD = $850

  • Silver: 6 hours, 150 Prints, Digital Negatives on DVD = $1050

  • Gold: 7 hours, 250 Prints, Custom Designed Coffee Table Book, DVD = $1950

  • Platinum: All Day, 300 Prints, 3 Custom Designed Coffee Table Books, DVD = $3000

  • Engagement Session: 2 hours of bridal portraits + 50 prints = $175

I will photograph your wedding personally. I do not send anyone in my place -- no second photographers and no one you have not met!

Interested in a custom package? -- e-mail '' or call us at (916) 359-9644.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bohemian Fashion @ Elle

Violet Moon Gaynor has another fashion "how-to" (pretty simple) over at Elle magazine called Shop Chic Bohemian Style.

I like the idea, my only complaint would be a request for more photographs of the completed look.

Anyway, as a Sacramento Wedding Photographer, I'm constantly on the lookout for Fashion related reading materials. Here is another one, at least with a lot more photographs

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Video in 3D?

As a Sacramento Wedding Photographer, I love to hear about new high-end wedding technology!

The recent 3D movie Avatar was amazing and I love watching 3D

Now in 3-D: wedding films
... 7:30am) PHOENIX -- With 3-D all the rage and 3-D television channels in the works, a Valley man is taking wedding photography to a whole new level. ...
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However, it does seem like the early adopters will be paying big dollars -- the KTAR story references a cost of $55,000 for the video!

Top quality wedding photography is so much more affordable, for example, just take a look at my Wedding Photography Packages.