Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Creating Wedding Photography Web Sites

As a digital wedding photographer, I am required (not by law, but pretty close) to have a web site to stay in business.

Creating new web sites can be challenging for anyone.  Creating new web visually acceptable web sites can be a near impossible task for artistic types that often take up photography as a serious hobby, or in my case as a profession.

We are visual people and as my younger brother Martin often reminds me "the artist can see the true flaws of the work, things the casual observer will never notice."

And so we torture ourselves, aligning pixels and stressing over each visual element.

This page of web site creation guidelines can help the new photographer (or artist) and it is posted on www.NaturePhotographers.net which has been a very useful repository of knowledge and tips for me in the past, both regarding general and nature photography.

Need inspiration for your photography web site or your wedding photography page?  Perhaps this index of member's web sites will help: http://www.naturephotographers.net/membersites.html

For me, I always feel a certain amount of humility as I page through the works of talented photographers.  I think it is important to respect the work of other wedding photographers without being overwhelmed.

Remember, for all the photographs you see and think "Wow that is perfect" there is a tortured artist somewhere who is obsessing over invisible details in that photograph and wondering how someone could create the wonderful shot you don't know you have.

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